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How-to Videos: Pets

This page contains an archive of all ShowMeHowToDoThis how-to's in the Pets category. They are listed from newest to oldest.
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March 20, 2007
How To Care For Leopard Geckos
This video shows you how To Care For Leopard Geckos

March 4, 2007
How to Do Maintenance Brushing for Your Dog's Teeth
Want to know about getting that nasty smell out of your dog's mouth? Dogs can suffer from halitosis just like people! Doing a little maintenance brushing will go a long way to helping your dog be a better friend to you... especially if you let him lick your face.

December 28, 2006
How to Teach Your Dog to Sit
Want to teach your dog how to sit? This simple video will not only teach your dog to sit, but will also give you techniques for training your dog to do anything else you want your dog to do.

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