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How-to Videos: Dance

This page contains an archive of all ShowMeHowToDoThis how-to's in the Dance category. They are listed from newest to oldest.

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Dance [xml]

December 30, 2006
How to Create Basic Styles and Listen to Basic Music in belly dancing
Want to know some Basic Styles in belly dancing? Watch this amazingly attractive woman and let her show you how.

How to Use Styles in Belly Dancing
Belly Dancing: How to use some basic styles to improve the look and movement of your belly dancing

How to do Basic Hip Movements in Belly Dancing


November 18, 2006
How to Air Freeze in Breakdancing
Want to learn how to do an air freeze in breakdancing? This video shows you how.

November 16, 2006
How to understand what pop and lock dancing is
Don't know what pop and lock is? Want to see a video of some awesome pop and lock dance?

How to pop lock your arm and wrist
Want to learn how to pop lock your arm and wrist? This video will show you how to pop and lock your arm and your wrist.

How to do a backslide
Check out this video about how to backslide on the dance floor. Includes freestyle

How to moonwalk and airwalk
Check out this video on how to moonwalk and airwalk.

How to float glide and slide when dancing
Want to really learn it? How to Float Glide and Slide next time you're at the club. Watch the video to learn how to float, glide, and slide.

How to dance like a white guy
Funny video shows you how to dance like a white guy. Want to learn how to dance like a white guy?

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