This video shows you How To Make Zabaglione, a ridiculously good Italian dessert.
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How To Make Zabaglione

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Step 1 You will need
3 eggs
3 Tbsp sugar
some Marsala wine
1 long-stemmed glass to serve in
1 wire whisk
1 round-bottomed copper pan

Step 2 Combine the ingredients
Separate the yolks from three eggs, and add them to the pan. Add half an eggshell full of Marsala wine and about three tablespoons of sugar, and then whisk the ingredients together.

Step 3 Heat
Hold the pan over simmering water and whisk vigorously for several minutes, until the mixture is thick and shiny, and double the original volume.

Step 4 Serve
Zabaglione should be served immediately, while it is still warm. Serve it in a tall-stemmed glass with a finger sponge biscuit.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Zabaglione is an Italian dessert made with egg yolks, sugar, a sweet liquor (usually Marsala wine), and sometimes cream or whole eggs. It is a very light custard, which has been whipped to incorporate a large amount of air. Zabaglione is traditionally served with fresh figs and is sometimes also spelled sabayon, zabaione, or zabajone. It is also popular in Argentina, where it is known as sambayón. In Colombia, it's known as sabajón. In Venezuela, it's known as ponche de crema.

Zabaglione originated in Venice when this city ruled the Adriatic. Originally, sweet Cyprus wine was used but with the retreat of the Venetian Republic, Marsala wine began to be used instead. Another change in the recipe is the use of sugar instead of honey, the original ingredient. Classical zabaglione uses raw egg yolks but today many may prefer to prepare it in a bain-marie. However, it is mainly recommended to use a simple double boiler with a heat resistant bowl not reaching the water and only simmer to avoid scrambling the eggs. Beaten egg white is also widely replaced by whipped cream.

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