Ready, set, wax!  Want to learn more about waxing supplies? This video will show you the basics of waxing supplies.
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How to use Waxing Supplies

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Hi, my name is Casey and I am a licensed aesthetician and make up artist. I've had my license for a little over two years and I've been in the salon business for a little over five years. Today I'm going to be talking to you about tools you would need for waxing the body. First you're probably going to start off with applicators, which are Popsicle sticks. There's two different sizes, the smaller one I usually use with my eyebrows and the larger one I usually use on the face, the arms anywhere else on the body that covers large areas. What else you're going to need, you'll need the wax which you can buy at any beauty store and some groceries stores do sell the wax. And I don't know if you can see this, it's just a creamy wax it's not like candle wax it has more moisturizers in it which makes it better for the skin. Also, when you're doing waxing you'll need some sort of pre-appellation solution which helps to prep the skin to get ready for waxing. Because you don't want to pull on bare skin, you want to soften it a little bit which helps soften the hair also. And that's called a pre-appellation solution. Or you can also use just regular baby oil; you don't want to use too much baby oil because it can cause the wax to just peel off. And so you have your applicators, and then you're going to need something to place on top of the wax. For eyebrows you can use regular muslin that you get at the fabric store and cut your own small pieces. Or you can buy already cut up pieces of muslin or cotton strips. I just cut them smaller because it is easier to do the eyebrows with these. For larger areas you want to use the larger muslin. I myself buy the pre-cut muslin just because it's easier to use in the larger areas and I don't have to mess with cutting it myself. That would take care of what you would need for starting off with waxing tools.

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