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How-to Videos: Building and Remodeling

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May 9, 2007
How to Install Blow-in Insulation
Quick video shows you how to install blow-in insluation in your attic space! Remove any objects from the attic that might interfere with the proper application of the insulation. Make sure that any eave or soffit vents are not blocked. Place one or more attic rulers in each quadrant of the attic space. This will help you know when you have achieved the correct depth of insulation.

March 20, 2007
How To Dress Sexy Without Looking Slutty
This video shows you how to dress sexy without looking slutty.

March 19, 2007
How To Fit A Door Knocker
This video shows you how to fit a door knocker. What do you call it when Lords break off door-knockers and beat policemen, and play at coaches with other people's money, and all that sort of thing? Aristocratic?

February 19, 2007
How to Use a Table Saw to Make a Circular Cut
People say that it's impossible to use a table saw to make a circle out of wood. But it's just not true. WoodGuy can make a circular cut using nothing but his table saw, and you can learn too!

February 12, 2007
How to Select a Wood Door
Selecting the right wood door can be a challenge. Tim Carter will teach you more about how to choose the right wood door for you.

How to Know Which Wallpaper Tools to Use
Want to know the proper tools to use for wallpapering?

How to Wallpaper Around Windows
Wallpaper is sticky and icky. But if you're going to use it, you will want to know how to get the wallpaper around your windows? This video will teach you more about wallpapering around the windows in whatever room you're working in.

How to Install Crown Molding
The basics of installing Crown Molding are rather simple. The problem is that beyond the basics, cutting and placing molding can become a little more complex. Watch this video with Tim Carter and learn more about the most effective methods for installing crown molding.

February 11, 2007
How to Choose Home Design Software
There are some really great pieces of software out there for home design. Other pieces of software? Not so great. Watch this video and learn more about computer programs and software to help you design your home.

How to Install Underground Wire and Underground Cable
Installing wire and cable is pretty straightforward if you do it the right way, and it's really impossible if you try to do it the hard way. This free video will teach some simple methods for installing Underground Wire and Underground Cable.

How to Install Glass Blocks
Installing Glass Block is simple when you use silicone caulking instead of mortar. Mortar is messy anyway. This video will teach you more about a very simple way to install glass blocks.

How to a Use A Polaroid Camera On A Job Site
Did you know that Polaroid cameras are really effective in construction? Want to know why and how you should use a Polaroid Camera on a house construction project? Polaroids are also good for use on any construction project really.

How to Install A Door Hinge on a Door
You can get this! After watching this quick video, you will know door hinges and the basics of hanging a door anywhere in your home. This video will teach you more about Door Hinges, how they work, and how you can most effectively use them.

How to Prepare for and Choose the Best Wallpaper
Want to know Wallpaper? This video will teach you more about the right kinds of things to prepare to wallpaper the walls in your home.

How to Choose a Wheelbarrow That Is Right For You
Finding the right wheelbarrow may not seem like a very exciting topic, but it's important because you use a wheelbarrow for so darn many things around the house. This video will teach you more about choosing the right wheelbarrow for your needs.

How to Build A Basement Subfloor
Building a basement subfloor is not as complex as you may think. And it's a great way to turn an old concrete floor into something nice! This free video will teach you more about building a basement subfloor.

February 9, 2007
How to Use a Unique Tool for Flaring Soft Copper Tubing
Want to know how to get your Copper Tubing flared in an easy way? Watch this video about Flaring copper tubing and you'll see a really cool tool that will help you get the job done right, whether you're using it for sprinklers, or indoor plumbing.

How to Use a Metal Hole Punch Tool
Want to know how to use a metal hole punch? Watch this video to learn how to get holes punched through metal.

How to Use Drywall Fastener Tools
Want to know Drywall Tools? This video will teach you more about the Drywall Tools.

How to Use A Tape Measure
Want to know how to use a tape measure? Sometimes you can use the color coding to help you.

How to Find the Right Blades for Your Circular Saw
Want to know how to choose the correct circular saw blades? This video will teach you more about the different varieties of Circular Saw Blades.

How to Fix A Clogged Drain
Want to know fix a clogged drain? This video will teach you more about unclogging bathtubs, kitchen sinks, other sinks, and other drains.

How to Secure Two Wooden Beams Together
Want to know how to use through bolts to connect wood beams?

How to Remove An Exterior Door for Installation of a New Door
Want to know how to remove an exterior door? This removal process makes installation of a new door much simpler!

How to Insulate Exterior Doors
Want to know how to really insulate an exterior door to keep out the cold of winter and heat of summer? The tips from this one video, if properly applied in the right situation, can save a homeowner as much at 30% on their heating bills, simply by insulating exterior doors.

How to Install an Exterior Door
Need to punch a hole in the wall so that you can installing an exterior door? How will you shim the hole, and use flashing to keep out the elements? Watch and learn my friend. Watch and learn.

How to Find and Remove Floor Squeaks
How to get rid of a squeak in the floor. This video, if nothing else, will let you have peace of mind by finally getting rid of that pesky squeaking floor.

February 1, 2007
How to do Soldering: Melting Separate Medals Together
In this video you'll learn lots of tips and tricks that will make you a much better solderer, and will help you understand what Soldering already is, if you don't know.

November 26, 2006
How to Re-Design Your Kitchen Island Countertop
Want to learn to design your kitchen island so that it meets your tastes? This DIY video shows you how to remodel your kitchen island counter so that it has a modern design.

November 16, 2006
Google Sketchup: How to Create Boxes: Push and Pull
Want to learn How to do Boxes, as well as push and pull in Google Sketchup? Watch this video tutorial at TellMeHowToDoThis.com

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