Ready, set, blow!  Want to learn tips for using a hair dryer? This video will show you how.
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How to Use a Hair Dryer

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Hi my name is Juan Lino and you can visit me at my website at Feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have regarding any of the topics I discuss. The next topic of conversation is your blow dryer. There are a few things you want to take care of or consider when you use your blow dryer: you want to make sure that your cord is not damaged in any way or if you have any type of electrical wires sticking out that's never a good idea. You should a blow dryer or any kind of electrical equipment if there are wires exposed. Most people use the blow dryer or hair dryer in the bathroom near water or near your sink - just make sure you never use it in the shower that is never a good idea. If you want to take a look and make sure that you read any type of safety information that comes with your hair dryer there is usually a tag on here that lets you know what is and is not safe. So that's a good thing that you might want to keep on there in case other people use it, especially children. Maintenance, as far as maintenance you notice you have a vent trap in the back. It's always a good idea to clean that or make sure that it doesn't have too much lint stuck to the back of it. That will also cause the air flow coming in to not go out properly and overheat the motor inside that would overheat the motor inside. Then you will have to buy a new hair dryer. So kind of maintain and watch that as well, you never want to stick any type of metal objects in front of the hair dryer. You do have, again, electricity running through that and hot prongs - that is never a good idea. A good hair drying tip is, if you just stepped out of a hot shower and your window is fogged up, turn your blow dryer on to one of the highest levels you have and hold it against the mirror for about ten seconds and then start spreading it around and then the fog will go away. So if you have any questions just let me know and those are your hair drying tips.

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