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How-to Videos: Performing

This page contains an archive of all ShowMeHowToDoThis how-to's in the Performing category. They are listed from newest to oldest.
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February 5, 2007
How to Play "100 years" on the Piano
This video will teach you how to play "100 years" on the Piano. It includes lyrics as well, to 100 years, by Five For Fighting.

January 8, 2007
How to Play Satch Boogie by Joe Satriani
If you want to learn how to play Satch Boogie, then there is NO ONE better to teach you than the man himself, Mr. Joe Satriani. In this video, Saint Joe shows you how Satch Boogie is constructed and how you can play it too.

January 3, 2007
How to Understand the Role of Women in the History of the Sitar
Want to know about Women and the History of the Sitar? This video will teach you a history of Women and the Sitar

December 28, 2006
How to do Some Simple Guitar Chords for Beginners
Just beginning guitar? Watch this video to learn some of the most basic chords.

November 20, 2006
How to Do Combination Picking On The Guitar
Want to learn how to do picking combinations on the guitar? Did you know that not all professional guitar players know how to do this? You can be a really great (and professional) guitar player in a VERY simple way. This video will show you how.

How to Do More Picking Patterns On The Guitar
Want to learn how to do more picking patterns on the guitar? Picking is really cool, especially when you can tell and show your friends your MAD guitar picking skillz!

How to Video: Do Guitar Picking Patterns - Fingering And Chords
Want to learn guitar picking patterns? Check out these unique fingerings which are both simple and fun.

How to Move Chord Shapes - Move Any Open Chord Shape
Want to learn how to move chord shapes on the guitar? This video will show you how to move any open chord shape. You too can become a guitar superstar.

How to Move Chord Shapes - Fretting and Finger Style
How do I move chord shapes on the guitar? This video shows how to move chord shapes on the guitar.

How to play Fingerstyle Guitar
Want to learn how to play fingerstyle guitar? This video show you how. Hint: your fingers are very important for this style of guitar playing.

How to Know Your Way Around the Guitar - Part 1
Want to learn how to play guitar? Watch this video on ShowMeHowToDoThis.com.

How to fingerstyle Guitar and learn Basic Open Chord Shapes
Want to learn how to play guitar? This video shows you how.

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