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How-to Videos: Science and Nature

This page contains an archive of all ShowMeHowToDoThis how-to's in the Science and Nature category. They are listed from newest to oldest.
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February 27, 2007
How to Make the Simplest Steam Engine From A Candle
Watch the little candle go round and round. How pretty.

February 17, 2007
How to Use a Paper Clip for the Water Surface Tension Experiment
Want to know about the use of a Paper Clip for the Water Surface Tension Experiment we all had to take part in during some level of science class in school? This video will teach you how the paper clip can and should be used.

How to Place Paper Clips on the Water ’s Surface for the Tension Experiment
How does surface tension work, and how can I prove its existence by placing paper clips on the surface of water? Does the Tension Experiment even work? Watch this video to find out for yourself.

February 1, 2007
How to Make a Spud Gun (a Potato Gun)
How to make a Spud Gun, also known as a Potato gun, a tater totter, and general mischief, is covered in this video. Did you see how far that potato went???

January 13, 2007
How to Make a Colored, and Transparent egg, using Vinegar
How to make an egg transparent with nothing but a little vinegar.

How to X-Ray an Egg
Want to see a simple experiment that will let you X-ray an egg?

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