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Building the SuperStore of How-To's

I was at a Super-Target today returning a couple of Christmas presents, and getting some grocery items for Colorado's second round of major snowfall, and realized something big:

I was standing there in the store, looking at all of the signs overhead, and saw all the different sections in the store. Men's, Ladies, Juniors, Misses (I swear that I will continue to try but I don't know that I will EVER understand women's sizes), games, videos/DVD's, Toys, Seasonal, etc... and I realized that I'm building something bigger. This site that I'm building is THE superstore for how-to videos... and not just the superstore for one town or one state even, but for the entire English speaking world. *and maybe someday expanding thoroughly into other languages too.*

That's really a very cool realization to come to, and one that I take very seriously as 2007 approaches.

I'm very excited about taking this project to the levels it can reach.


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