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Outsourcing is cool

I have used Elance before, for a variety of stuff, but never have I had a response to a project like this. 44 different groups have bid on the project that I posted earlier. 44! Including a phone call this morning from someone in India saying that she saw my project and wanted to call me to ask more about it (which I suspect may have been someone trying to commit some sort of fraud, since the phone disconnected as soon as I started asking some questions... could have just been a bad phone connection or a dropped call though). So I'm really learning the value of outsourcing projects that someone else can do quicker and cheaper. I will be selecting someone today and making a screen capture video for them of what I want done, so as to avoid any confusion.

I also learned that Movable Type's current import/export feature doesn't allow for the exporting/importing of tags... and that they're working on releasing a new import/export. I hope that this happens soon, as it will make running this site much simpler.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the progress, although it's not fast enough... (is it ever?)

I added a video today too where I talk about Dave Taylor's influence on helping me understand Content Management Systems. Definitely check out the video and leave me your comments/feedback. I would love to hear what you think!

(UPDATE: The woman from India called back... she seems very nice, although we had some challenges communicating... (makes me think I should learn to speak some basic phrases in India's major languages - although I don't even know what they are.) I will compare her bid against the others I've received... also makes me think that I should find some videos on how to get around (in other languages). Anyone know of a good location for finding videos on this?)


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