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I Woke Up Early Thinking "Butterfly"

I woke up with this really odd dream that reminded me of "The Butterfly Effect" - a movie I'd completely forgotten that I had ever even seen. In the dream, I had to convince this lady that we had to get to her son's school to pick up one of his friends, because this kid's dad was on the way to the school, with a gun, to kill him, in order to get back at his mom.

I was able to convince the lady, and we got to the school just in time to rescue the kid. The dad still came in on a shooting spree, but we got the kid out.

There was more to the dream, but that formed the majority of it, and it got me thinking about things enough that I had to get up.

Why do I blog about that here? Well I went to the IMDB web site and learned (remembered) that the tag line for The Butterfly Effect was "Change one thing, change everything."

It is true that by changing one thing, you can change everything. For a lot of people visiting this web site, however, they won't know because of their visit here, and because of their learning how to do something through their visit here, that they are being led in an entirely new direction in their life; that the one thing they learn here (or the hundreds of things they learn because of their visit here), could make all the difference in the world for them.

But I know that, and because you're reading this post, you know that too.

So in my being up early this morning, I wrote this today for the "Add Video" page:

Teach people something that they can use in their everyday life, or in their every day, day-to-day business. Answer a question, solve a problem, alleviate someone else's pain by removing their confusion. When you do this, you not only offer them the help that they need, but you also place yourself in their mind as the person that helps them fix something that was or is broken.

By becoming known as a person who helps people fix things, you can become the go-to person in your niche, your market, and perhaps even your industry.

Or, if you don't care about any of that, and just think you have a cool video about how to do something, go ahead and share that too!

I think it should be sufficient to help people understand what it is that we're working to accomplish on this site, and should also be sufficient to encourage people to add theirs and others' videos (But I will probably add to that text on the actual above it as time goes on).

Okay, well, it's back to moving categories. I plan to get this done today.


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