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Getting the master list together

I think I need to go away for a day or two and put together a master list of everything that needs to be done in the next two weeks to get this site launched by Jan. 15. I'm REALLY wanting to launch this site with about 10,000 videos. We're currently at 544, about 5% of the way there.

It's not that I can't launch with fewer videos, it's just that I don't want to!

Alex Mandossian has this great call on goals and daily method of operation that is available here. This is one of my favorite calls I have listened to recently because it incorporates much of what I've heard from many other "gurus" about managing time and getting to where you want to be.

The sad part of it is that most people will never do what he recommends in this call because they will dismiss it as stupid, or too simple to actually work, or simply won't take the time to do it on a daily basis. It does work, and will on this project as well as it has on many other projects I've done before.

It's what's got me thinking that I need to go away for a couple of days (away from distractions) and really lay out a plan for the next 6 months on this site, as well as my own daily method of operations...


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