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February 17, 2007
How to do Abdominal Contractions with Splinting
Want to know about Abdominal Contractions with Splinting? And what the heck is this "Diastasis" anyway? Seriously though, if you did this every night or day, you couldn't help but have some seriously rock-hard abs!

How to Do A Supine Pelvic Tilt: Pregnancy Exercises
A Supine Pelvic Tilt can actually be a good exercise for a pregnant woman. Watch this video to learn how to lay in the supine position and do this pelvic tilt in a way that is comfortable and comforting.

How To Do An Oblique Twist: Exercises for the Pregnant (God Bless Them!)
Want to know about doing an Oblique Twist? You only want to do this (when you're pregnant) if you are not experiencing diastasis.

How to Do a Supine Abdominal Crunch When Pregnant
So, you're preggo, huh? And not like the Spaghetti sauce either. Okay... so how do you do Abdominal Crunches in a safe way when you're pregnant? This video will teach you how.

How to do Recline Abs: An Exercise For When You're Pregnant
How do Recline Abs work when you're pregnant? Well, they work very well. In fact, they work extremely well. Watch this video and learn how Recline Abs could be part of the right exercises for you to do during your pregnancy.

February 14, 2007
How to Improve Posture When Walking
Okay, so you're not walking right now, unless you're on your cell phone watching this video, but you really should learn how to improve your posture when you're walking, because it affects your health in EVERY area of your life. Watch this video to learn more about how you can improve your posture when you're walking.

How to Improve Posture by Being Aware of the Chairs You Sit In
Dude! You're slouching! No, seriously, YOU! RIGHT NOW! You're reading this message on your computer and you're slouching. You either need a new chair to improve your posture, or you need to improve your posture in the chair you're sitting in. Watch this video to find out which one it is.

How to Improve Posture When Standing
Hey Dude! Stand up! Are you? C'mon. Don't lie. Stand up! Okay, well, if you're not going to, at least watch this video, and then when you're admiring/criticizing yourself before/after showering, take a look at how your body is standing in the mirror. Is your standing posture anything like what it should be? Find out by watching this video.

How to Improve Posture When Sleeping
Hey Man, when I'm sleeping, I'm sleeping. I don't want to think about my posture. What's up with that?

How to Improve Posture When Lifting
Your back hurt? Not yet? Keep lifting stuff that way and it just might. No, seriously. You should watch this video so that you can improve your posture when lifting stuff, and have a healthier back and whole body.

How to Choose the Right Footwear to Improve Posture
How to select footwear to improve your posture. Footwear, and the shoes you wear, really do affect your posture, and the whole way you stand.

How to Improve Your Posture When You Eat
Your mom always told you to sit up at the dinner table. Be glad. My mom just told my dad to smack me, and then I would sit up. I don't think that smack helped with digestion though, but at least I did have good posture when I was eating.

How to Improving Your Posture by Chainging Chair Position
Want to know how to improving posture by changing chair positioning? You can learn more about how you can improve your own posture with simply moving a chair.

February 9, 2007
How to do Tennis Warm Ups
Want to know more about Warming Up in Tennis? Learn some simple Tennis warm-ups, and how you can do them, simply by watching this video.

January 27, 2007
How to do the Thrusting Salute in American Kenpo Karate: Technique
Want to know more about the techniques behind the Thrusting Salute? This video will teach you more about how to use the proper technique when attempting to do the Thrusting Salute in American Kenpo Karate.

January 18, 2007
How to do Back Bends in Gymnastics Warm Ups
Want to know more about doing Back Bends while warming up for Gymnastics practices or performances? This video will teach you more about how to to backbends while you do your warm ups.

January 13, 2007
How to Use Jiu Jitsu Technique to Do An Armbar
Want to know more about the Guard Position in Basic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? This video will teach the technique to do an arm bar from the Guard Position in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

January 12, 2007
How to Know What Equipment to Take When Trail Riding on a Mountain Bike
Want to know more about how to select equipment when you're going out trail riding? This video will teach you more about what you should, and shouldn't take, when you're going out on a trail ride on a Mountain bike.

January 9, 2007
How to Prevent Injury When Training for a Marathon
Whether you're working on a half or full marathon, you should definitely focus on preventing Injury. How can you do this? This video will teach you more about Preventing Injury while you are in the training process.

January 6, 2007
How to do Ray Burton's leg workout
This women's leg workout is quite a tutorial for getting the legs and lower body into shape.

January 5, 2007
How to do the Reverse Hook Turning Kick
The reverse hook turning kick is one of those techniques from Tae Kwon Do that is really cool when done properly! This video will teach you how to have the proper form when you're doing the reverse hook turning kick.

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