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I need to find a writer

Man, oh man. I REALLY need to find an hour who can work for not a lot of money, but would like to make this project really rock! If you are interested in being a writer for this site, please send me an email.

jkraft [at] strive4impact dot com

Why do you put your address that way?
Because of spam harvesting.

How do I email you then?
If you can't figure it out from the above email, then you're not the right person for this job.

We've just crossed the 10,000 videos mark for ShowMeHowToDoThis.

I am so excited to get all of these video live for everyone to see, and to really have people start getting interested in individual categories.

I do notice that people are subscribing to the major subscription (send me the most recent how-to's), but they're not subscribing to How-To's for the individual categories.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can set it up so that it's more clear?


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